Teriyaki Meatballs

When you think meatballs, you think Italy. Maybe a nice spicy tomato sauce. But here we have a nice sticky Teriyaki sauce!

The meatballs are turkey, and just get mixed up with breadcrumbs, milk, egg, spices, as you’d expect.


Being lazy I went for a medium sized scooper that I normally use for cookies to portion out.


Sauce is soy, sugar, honey, mirin, garlic, chilli flakes… usual stuff again!


Brown rice goes on with kidney beans, for a sort of rice and peas side.


Meatballs get fried off.


Then they get the sauce, and the lid on to steam until cooked.


Dinner time!


Mmm! Sweet & sour sauce, with stereotypical spicy meatballs! Good stuff!





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