Persian Lamb Tagine & Rice

It’s spring, so lamb needs to be on the menu. But just lamb and mint is a rather pedestrian, so I’m going for a lamb tagine with Persian rice.

It all starts with browning the lamb.


Then the onions get fried off and spices aded.


Water, cinnamon sticks, garlic, (fake) saffron, etc…


Rice gets par-boiled.


Then some rice is mixed with yogurt for the ‘golden’ (burnt) base, then the rest is piled on top with butter.


And tea towel while the rice finishes cooking. IMG_20160521_182756

Hmm rice was a little too golden. IMG_20160521_191817

But some parts were properly golden. And we ate them!


Wow that crispy rice is great! And the tagine lamb is so flavourful. This is a win all around!





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