Jerk Chicken Galette

On a recently Great Sport Relief Bakeoff show one of the contestants, some sort of sport player I assume, made a jerk chicken galette. What a great idea! So I’m going to copy it.

For the base I’m going to use pattie pastry, partly to tray and make it all Jamaican, and partly because it’s dead easy to make!

For the jerk marinade I’m using a BBC Good Food recipe. And I’ll be serving with ham and pineapple fried rice.

So early in the day rice gets made, so it can cool, pastry gets made so it can chill, and marinade gets made so it can… well marinade.


Later on it’s galette time. So much easier than real pies!


While that cooks at 180C fan for 45 minutes the fried rice is prepped and made.


Then it’s just a matter of plating up.


OK so it was maybe slightly too spicy… but we got through it with the help of beer! Very tasty though, and the patie pastry worked really well.

More good news: there’s enough left to have it for dinner tomorrow as well!





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