Swedish Meetball Subs

Meatball subs are a thing, apparently. Ditto Swedish meatball subs. Who knew!?

These should make a great breakfast, as most of the work is done the day before: making subs and meatballs. All that’s done on the day is baking the meatballs and cutting a cucumber.

So first are sourdough subs, using an enriched dough.


I’m baking them in the baguette cloche, but I’m leaving the lid on for the entire bake so they don’t form much of a crust.


Then mix the meatball mix up, including homemade mustard, and put on a tray to chill overnight.


In the morning they get rolled in oil and baked.


Meanwhile cucumber gets prepared in a vinegar & sugar dressing, and our redcurrant jelly comes out.


Once the meatballs are baked… they need loosening from the tray!


Then it’s time to serve!


Mmm these are amazing! The sweet and sour tastes work really well, and the crispy meatballs and cucumber work in contrast to the chewy sourdough subs.

Would definitely make again. Which is good as the meatball mix made double what we needed, so they’ve gone in the freezer!


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