Pork Pernil

Cook’s Country describes Pork Pernil as a Puerto Rican dish of heavily seasoned, long-cooked pork with supremely crispy skin. SOLD!

Prep starts the night before, food processing cilantro, onion, salt, oil, garlic, pepper, oregano, and cumin together into a paste, rub all over the pork, cover in clingfilm, and fridge overnight.


Next day oven goes to 210C fan and the pork goes skin-side down into a roasting dish with just under tow litres (eight cups) of water.


Then it’s wrapped in foil and into a 210C oven for 90 minutes. The the foil comes off for two and a half hours.


Then it’s onto a V-rack, skin-side up for an hour.


And an hour later…. ohhh that looks good!


An hour later at higher temperature it looks even better!


Then its gets tented while rice and peas gets cooked and we serve.


Oh wow. Finally: proper crispy crackling! And it’s so easy to remove the fat from it. and know which part is fat and which is crackling!

Add to that… flavour! Garlic and coriander is so good for us…

So we always do that flavour, but more usefully we now know how to make crackling: braise skin side down for ages, then flip an crisp up the skin at max temp.


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