Garden Berry Scones

We’ve not been keeping up with the berries the garden has been producing, and they just keep coming. So during the week I’ve been freezing the excess and today I’m going to use them for these mixed berry scones from Cook’s Country, which calls for frozen berries.

So it’s good ol’ US recipe of wet and dry.


And into US scone shapes. With a blurry pic as I’m still getting used to using phone pics after my camera stopped doing the WiFI upload thing :(


Bake, honey and butter glaze – then unusually bake again, and it’s cooling time.IMG_20150807_205233

Yeah… more blurry… The camera never did this to me!

I took the scones down to a family get together in Bristol.



Where I managed to get a much better picture!


We at them with butter on, and everyone said they tasted great. Everyone agreed the butter wasn’t needed: but we still kept putting butter on!


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