Curry Fish & Chickpeas on Naan

Fish on a Friday, very British. Curry it up? Even more British!

This is a great freezer, fridge and can meal. Frozen fish, frozen leftover naans, can of chickpeas, tomatoes, chillies & coriander form the fridge, add spices, onions & garlic and here’s a quick evening meal when other baking needs doing.

So curried chickpeas from BBC Good Food. Start by frying up onions and spices, with turmeric adding proper curry colour, then add chickpeas, tomatoes, heat through… TA DA!


Mix Greek yogurt with homemade curry paste, marinade fish pieces, all according to, you guessed it, BBC Good Food.

IMG_20150807_180354Grill fish, reheat naans, mix some of the marinade into the chickpeas… DINNER TIME!


So happy with this. Easy and quick evening meal from the freezer – and yes: even quick when I was cooking!

Plus the falvour was great: really deep spicy flavours, nice and hot, but not stupidly hot.


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