Raspberry, Chocolate & Hazelnut Breadfast Bread Crown

Soph’s got another long marathon training run today, so for me it’s another excuse to cook a high calorie breakfast.

I decided to go for this bread crown from the BBC Good Food Cakes & Bakes Spring 2014 Special (p32) as I wanted to try out my new crown proofing basket. Problem is… by the time you make the crown shape for this bread it’s got Nutella and raspberries on the outside, which isn’t going to do the linen lining in my proofing basked any good.

So after refreshing my sourdough on the Thursday, I’ll make the enriched dough on the Friday and proof in a regular boule shape overnight. On the Saturday morning I’ll roll out into a rectangle, spread Nutella on it then sprinkle with frozen raspberries.


It then gets rolled up tightly, like a swiss roll.Once in swiss roll shape it gets cut lengthways down the middle leaving a small uncut part. This is a bit different from my previous crowns, but I’m going with it.


You then twist up the two parts and shape into the crown. Your then meanT to top with crushed hazelnuts and demerara sugar. Easier said than done as they don’t want to stick to the bread parts… so I used a milk wash which helped. Not sure anything will stay on after baking…


This gets a final proof at 27C while the La Cloche heats up in the oven.


Then it’s the normal 30 minutes at 230C fan with the lid on, 15 minutes at 200C fan with the lid off.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWhat you don’t see in this photo is all the raspberry juice that oozed out!

By the time Soph gets back from her 16-mile training run it’ll be cool enough to eat.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSurprisingly the hazelnuts stayed on – which is good as they really work. I’d still suggest rolling them inside as well, as more would be better!

With the chocolate spread and raspberries in layers you can eat this like cake and it’s lovely. However I suspect we’ll be adding butter and jam by tomorrow…


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