Stained Glass Xmas Cookies

There’s an xmas bakeoff at work… but it coincides with National Run To Work Day. It’s risky enough cycling baked goods into work, let along running with them!

I need something I can bake a couple of days in advance, cycle in a day in advance, and still be good to eat the next day. So I’m going with my stain glass cookies that I’ve done before, as they always last pretty well on the tree, and these only have to survive a couple of days in an air-tight box. Plus they’ve survived a cycle to work before!

Last time I did these cookies I took the recipe from ATK’s Family Baking Book, but now I’m subscribed to their websites I’ll just use the online version.

The first batch is snowmen and xmas trees.


They look pretty good after baking.


The real test, of course, is whether than make it off the parchment with the stain glass in tact.


Woohoo – they made it!

The second batch of snowflakes and stars had a few thin ones, which I gave a minute less in the oven, and this seemed to work petty well.


They survived the cycle into work, and the day sat in a box, and remained pretty fresh.

What’s more they ended up winning the bakeoff!

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