Lamb Shank Rogan Josh

I love the small of curry in the morning.
It smells like winning.

Sophie Bulmer

We picked up some poppadoms at the BBC Good Food show recently, intending to use them with our lime pickle, and then the Grandian published this lamb shank rogan josh recipe.

So today is curry day.

Mid afternoon we’ll start with some Bombay mix. How come we haven’t updated this to Mumbai mix? If nothing else it alliterates nicely…


For starters we’ll do poppadoms. Poppadoms always come with four dips, but one is always an onion salad that you can’t really dip and you end up glueing to the poppadoms with other dips, so we’re just doing a mango chutney, mint & yogurt sauce, plus the lime pickle we made earlier this year.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMmm spicy stuff on crispy stuff, with cooling stuff on hand. Winning. Only change we’d make is chopping the lie pickle smaller so it fits better on bits of poppadom.

With the main lamb shank rogan josh we’re doing Bombay potatoes and naan to soak up the sauce.


The lamb was lovely and fally-apart-y, full of flavour, and just a little too hot :) The sauce was mopped up nicely but the naans, which were flavourful and thankfully not too hot given the sauce they were mopping up! The potatoes were… OK. Would have been better chopped smaller… but that’s a lot of effort, so maybe just rice next time :)


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