Waffle Rosti

According to Serious Eats you can make hash browns (potato rostis) in a waffle iron. So to go with our waffle brunch today we’re trying that.

You grate a couple of baking potatoes, squeeze out the water in a muslin, season, then waffle them up for about 7 minutes.


They get added to the corn waffles,, which this week had a teaspoon of hot pepper sauce in the mix.


Then we served with bacon that got fried up with some onions, plus spring onions, baby spinach and tomatoes from the garden, and a pepper and avocado we found in the fridge.


We were pleasantly surprised to find the potatoes were properly cooked. And that the teaspoon of hot sauce wasn’t too much! Warm avocados are a bit weird though. Apart form that: yum!

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