Lamb & Aubergine Pastitsio

Soph’s running a half marathon this weekend, and so she needs to ‘carb load’ the night before. which seems to be an excuse to eat pasta. So we’re going to have pastitsio for dinner, which is basically the Greek version of lasagne that uses macaroni instead of pasta sheets.

The recipe we’re following is for lamb and aubergine pastitsio from BBC Good Food.

We’re double teaming this one, so while I’m doing the lamb mince, Soph is doing the béchamel sauce.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

After much cooking down and combining, plus some macaroni getting boiled up, we assemble.


Then it gets topped with parmesan and baked.


After standing for five minutes we serve up with spinach.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAnd boy was it good! Not sure it beats Italian lasagne, but it’s really really tasty and hearty!





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