Sourdough Rising


After some rather flat sourdoughs recently I’ve been reading around for how to get a taller loaf. Today I’ll be testing some ideas I got from a forum.

Firstly they suggested that I didn’t need to spray the loaf with water, as my hydration level was high enough to create steam inside La Cloche, and adding extra water might just be encouraging the loaf to spread rather than rise.

Secondly they suggested shaping the dough better. Now there’s not much I can do about the shape of my banneton, but I’m thinking what I can do is re-shape the laod after proofing, tucking it in to make a more compact and tall loaf when it goes in.

Thirdly they suggested not scoring the loaf, as that could be encouraging spread. However I need practice scoring, plus I’ve bought myself a lame so I’m damn well going to use it! So I won’t be trying that this time.

So. out of the banneton… and it’s actually looking pretty compact.


But I still tucked it under and then transferred to a baking parchment-lined peel, then transferred to La Cloche before scoring.


And how did it turn out?


It turned out with, and this is a technical term, a fuck-load of winning.

I’m off to update my spreadsheet that details how to cook my bread…


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