Mexican Green Chilli

As the weather is turning cold, we can break out the slow cooker and start having some hearty stews and in this case chilli.

This Mexican green chilli, from ATK’s Slow Cooker Revolution (p126), uses tomatillos (which I think of as a cross between a tomato and a gooseberry) to create a tangy base, along with chillies for spice, canned hominy for corn flavour, and slow cooked pork for… well pork products don’t need justifying!

So it starts with grilling (or broiling in the American parlance) the veg and spices to give them colour and develop flavours.


Meanwhile the pork shoulder (or pork butt in the American parlance) is cut up into big chunks, and the hominy rinsed.


The veg, plus chillies, get pulsed in the food processor, then every thing, plus stock, is added to the slow cooker.


This then has to cook for either 5-7 hours on high, or 9-11 hours on low. Frustratingly by the time I’ve prepped, it’s 8 hours until we want to eat… So I’m gong to do 6 hours on high, and then leave it on the warm setting.


Turns out an extra chilli wouldn’t have hurt, but apart from that.. MMM!

Most of it goes in the freezer for future MMMs :)

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