Wasabi Mayo Salmon on Triforce Bread

In a recent Nigel Slater piece in the Graundian there was a recipe for wasabi mayo salmon, which sounds like a delicious way to get our weekly dose of oily fish.

I’m going to serve this on sourdough, once again cooked in the casserole / Dutch oven with the overnight proof in the fridge so I can bake the bread in the evening. Also instead of cutting a cross or circle on the top before baking, I’m going to cut a triforce :D


Well the triforce got a bit squiffed during the transfer, and I failed to properly deflated that bubble at the top…

Anyway, we baked the salmon, made up the mayo (what a faff!) added wasabi paste, made a salad (with tomatoes from the garden :) and dressing, crisped up the salmon skin… and dinner!


Wasabi mayo is great! But… I’d probably just add wasabi paste to bought mayo in the future, especially for a weeknight dinner.



4 thoughts on “Wasabi Mayo Salmon on Triforce Bread

  1. Years ago I used to make my own mayonnaise but I cannot be bothered with all that messing about these days, so I just buy whatever I need from a supermarket. I love salmon and I like the sound of this dish. I have to admit my ignorance though as I had never heard of wasabi paste. Just goes to show how out-of-date I am in cookery terms.


    1. Wasabi is just Japanese horseradish, used in sushi and other Japanese dishes, and it turns the mayo green :)


      1. I live and learn, thanks to you. I love horseradish and always have a (bought) jar in my cupboard so I could use that instead of wasabi.


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