Chilli Beef Ramen

We’ve got pretty good at doing ramen now, having done it a number of times, and even have a huge bag of proper ramen noodles from a Chinese supermarket near work.

We generally stick to mushroom ramen, frying the mushrooms in garlic before adding a sauce of chicken stock, teriyaki, soy, mirin, white parts of spring onions & chilli flakes, and topping with the green parts of spring onions and hard boiled eggs to serve.

What we haven’t done is try our favourite ramen: chilli beef ramen. Now it’s time to remedy this. Which basically means adding chilli beef to our normal ramen :)


The beef steaks get seasoned with salt, pepper & chilli flakes, then fried until rare. After standing we’ll slice it up and add to the ramen at the end of the cooking to heat it up.


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