Ceviche, Pickled Veg, More French Beans, Rye Brean & Bammies

It’s time to do ceviche again, with the same pickled veg, but this time serving with rye sourdough rather than a flatbread.

Plus of course there are more kilos of French beans from the garden to use up, so I’m adding a French bean in walnut, honey & mustard dressing to the mix from yesterday’s Grundiad. The fish only takes a few minutes in the lemon, lime & orange juices, so most of the work is prepping everything, then cooking the two veg dishes.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI’m also adding some bammy cakes, a tapioca patty which I’ve read about in some new Jamaican cooking books I’ve got but never tried. They happened to have some in the fishmongers so I picked up a packet. They’re normally shallow fried, but I’m just baking them today, following the instructions on the back of the packet.

For the rye sourdough I followed my normal recipe, but decided to go for 100% rye, and mixed up the cooking time a bit to try and dry it out more. Rather than 15mins at 230C fan, then down to 200C fan for 45mins, I did 15mins at 230C fan, then one hour at 180C fan, then put the load back in the oven after I’d removed it from the tin while the oven cooled.



The loaf looks and smells great, but cutting into it I found that damp line again at the bottom. Not as bad a it often it, especially as it’s 100% rye, but still annoying. Maybe I need to cook for even longer at a lower temperature?



The bammy cakes cook a bit out of place on the plate, and to be honest are pretty tasteless. Probably OK for dipping in sauce but not much cop for this sort of meal.


The fish was as good as we remembered it, and the spicy pickled veg certainly were spicy!

3 thoughts on “Ceviche, Pickled Veg, More French Beans, Rye Brean & Bammies

  1. Thanks for the tip. Soaking in coconut milk and scotch bonnet would certainly give them some flavour that they were lacking.


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