Stir Fryday: Ma Pao Tofu

Since getting healthy a couple of years ago I’ve started liking all sorts of foods I’ve never liked before, from sprouts to panna cotta. One food I haven’t been back to re-taste is tofu… and I’ve not been keen to as I never got on with the texture.

However I’ve found in ma pau tofu a way to get myself to try it. The key? Pork products! Ma pao tofu is a mix of ground pork and tofu, so it seems to be the best way to give tofu a try in a safe, reassuringly porky way.

I’m turning to Cook’s Illustrated for the recipe, not because they’re experts in Asian food, as I’ve no idea what ma pao tofu is supposed to taste like, but because I trust their recipes.


Wow! The tofu was not just bearable, but really works! It’s silky and melty, and goes so well with the spicy dish. I’m still not sure I’d like it on its own, but in this dish it’s amazing. Also the schezuan pepper are not overpowering.

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