Tomatillo Chilli Chicken

We’ve had a huge tin of tomatillos in the kitchen since we heard about tomatillos and decided to try them. Problem is all the recipes we’d heard about were for salsas and relishes, and if we used the whole tin we’d have enough relish to feed an army. So the tin has sat unopened for months and months.

Then I stumbled upon Country Living’s recipe for tomatillo chilli chicken, which uses tomatillos as the sauce base, and has the benefit of being really low calorie, and dead easy to boot.

So as it’s Cinco de Mayo today it’s time to go chilli and nachos!

So I start with nachos. I’m using the blue masa harina again, but using much less water, and only doing a half batch (one cup of masa).

But it’s still a nightmare. It still sticks to the greaseproof paper, even when sprayed with oil! I should throw it out…


Anyway… the tomatillos and chillies get whizzed in the food processor to form the sauce.

According to the recipe the chicken should be browned, but we’re just going to poach it whole the shred it. So we skip to the onions getting softened, then spices added.

Then the stock and tomatillo sauce is added and we  simmer for 30minutes before checking the chicken’s temperature, and we’re looking for 74C on the breast meat. And it’s over 90 in 30mins! I must get better at checking earlier…

Once the chicken is up to temp it comes out, the rice goes on, the nachos go in the oven, then the chicken is shredded and added back to the pot. At the end chopped coriander gets added, then it’s time to serve.


Mmm green chilli! It’s hot from the chillies, and tangy form the tomatillos, and has nachos :)

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