Courgette Strip Lasagne

Lasagne is not normally a low calorie dinner, but Healthy Food Guide magazine (November 2013, clipping) has a version that is very healthy, as it replaces the pasta sheets with strips of courgette, and uses a small amount of ricotta cheese on top rather than béchamel sauce and cheddar. However they use tofu for the protein… which we’re still not ready to try, so we’re going to use lean turkey mince.

So basically make a normal tomato, onion & mince sauce, and layer with courgette strips, and tops with crumbled feta.


Due to timing issues in the garden, Soph ended up making this instead of it being a joint effort. So it’s Soph’s normal bolognese sauce, layered with courgettes, ricotta & quark cheese, topped with feta and Italian herbs.


As it’s Soph’s bolognese with added cheese, it tastes great! The layers of courgette didn’t really hold together, but the slightly crunchy courgettes did add a really nice texture to the dish, without adding any calories! Definitely one we could do again, possibly with left over bolognese.


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