Re-Upping Freezer Biscuits

Soph’s away on business this week. Years ago that would have meant me heading to the pub for a session. These days it’s a session in the kitchen!

We’re getting low on emergency freezer biscuits, so I decided to re-stock. We’ve always done oat biscuits before, and while they make great emergency hangover breakfasts, it’s time for a change, so I decided to go for slice and bake cookies.

I found a good selection from Martha Stewart, and couldn’t decide between Cream Cheese Walnut Cookies and Chocolate Black Pepper Cookies. So I’m making both!

The cream cheese recipe makes 48 biscuits. Not only is that more than we need, it also wouldn’t leave enough butter for the chocolate ones, so I’m halving the recipe. Also I don’t have any walnuts, so I’m using blanched hazelnuts because that’s what I’ve got on hand.


The chocolate pepper ones I just followed the recipe for, except for using demerara¬†sugar instead of expensive decorative sugar to coat. I will note that with over a tbsp of coffee and only 1/4 tsp pepper… I’m not sure the name is very accurate!






3 thoughts on “Re-Upping Freezer Biscuits

  1. Frozen as shown (on the extra freezer shelves I bought especially for biscuits!).

    When the dough is made it’s too soft to bake. You need to chill it to firm it up, then you slice to form discs and bake them. If you’re baking them the same day you can do this in the fridge for an hour, but it’s quicker to do it for 20 minutes in the freezer. Or you can keep the rolls in the freezer for up to a month.

    Then when an emergency strikes and only home-baked biscuits can save the day you take a roll out of the freezer, pop on the oven, and when the oven is up to temperature you slice off discs and bake them, adding a minute or two to the cooking time. (I’ve labelled each roll with the cooking time written on masking tape :)


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