Stir Fryday: Sweet & Sour Prawn & Pineapple

The original plan for this week’s Stir Fryday was Cashew Chicken based on the Cook’s Illustrated recipe. That plan has gone on hold due to a shopping incident that has resulted in us having a large number of prawns in the fridge.

We’re using some of the pineapple juice for the sweet & sour sauce, which we’ll cook down with red wine vinegar, soy sauce & tomato ketchup. Oh and of course chilli flakes. After tasting the soy was rather strong, so we added a pinch of sugar and some more red wine vinegar and that tasted better. I say we tasted… as always I just dumped stuff in and left… Soph tasted then got me to taste. I must get better at remembering to taste things when cooking!

The main stir fry is pretty standard: garlic, chilli, onions, & whatever veg we’ve got on hand… which turned out to be a stir-fry medley due to our one online shopping order of mange tout getting replaced with said medley. Oh plus a red pepper that was going off.

We’ll serve with rice, and a sprinkling of sesame seeds.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe’re very happy with ourselves now. The sweet & sour sauce was great, the pineapple worked great, as did the sesame seeds. Plus it took about 15 minutes to make!

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