Super Bowl Sunday

Note: I’ll be ‘live blogging’ our Super Bowl food, so this post will get updated through the night as we serve things up.

Staying up to watch the Superbowl has become a bit of a tradition at our house. As we’re in the UK this means staying up very late and taking the Monday off work. If anyone’s interested we’ll be supporting the Seahawks, because a) I’ve been to Seattle, and b) Home Simpson doesn’t think much of the Denver Broncos :)

The Super Bowl also means indulging in as much American food as we can manage!

We’re starting the day with waffles. Same sourdough waffles as I’ve done recently, with streaky bacon and plenty of maple syrup.


For lunch we’re having mac’n’cheesecake, which is so good it gets its own post :)


Then for the big game we’ve got baked chilli poppers. We can’t get fresh jalapeño chilies in the UK, so we’re just using our regular ones… which I don’t actually know the name of! We’re doing them stuffed with cream and cheddar cheese, coated in panko and wrapped in bacon. Mmm…. bacon.

Soph visited Boston with work last year and brought back a bag of Boston beans. These get soaked overnight before we cook them up in the slow cooker with Pancetta.



I’ve made up a batch of flour tortillas, and we’re using those for both quesadillas and nachos.




Onion rings are going to be high fibre, thanks to this recipe that coats then in bran cereal.

For dips we’re doing roasted zucchini & chickpea with za’tar,  moroccan style spicy carrot, guacamole (based loosely on various ideas on this page) and a Salmon dip as apparently that’s a Seattle thing (jar of Salmon pate/paste thing, mixed with 0% fat Greek yogurt, and a little lemon juice).


We were thinking of doing both cornbread and hotdogs… until I spotted this great way to combine them into corn dogs! I’m doing them as friands, so we can get more dog in each, but we’ll have half the friands without dogs for dipping into the beans.


With the leftover dogs I’m doing rough puff sausage roll.


Inspired by various food items turned into Superbowl food just by putting some stiches on them to make them look like American footballs, I’ve done Football Friands, which are basically my dried apricot ones where I replaced 30g of flour replaced with 2 tbsp of cocoa powder, added 1/4 tsp of cayenne, replaced 30g of butter with 50g of chocolate chips (that get melted and added at the same time as the clarified butter) and using all ground almonds with no pistachios, and threw in the end of a bag of dessicated coconut with the apricots . Oh and I used a tea strainer instead of a cheese cloth to remove the milk solids from the butter, which was easier to clean! Then I piped on water icing stitches (badly…).


We’ll also be baking some chicken wings, based on this Cook’s Country recipe (subscription required) which uses baking powder to help crisp up the wings, with a spicy chipotle in adobo sauce based on another Cook’ Country recipe.


To go with the various American beers we’ve bought (Blue Moon from Colorado for the Broncos, and failing to find 12th Man or any other Seattle beer we’ve gone with the west coast Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and the old faithful Sam Adams) we’re roasting our own nuts:

  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 1 tsp cayenne
  • heat all above on hob
  • mix in nuts (blanched almonds & cashews)
  • into parchment lined baking tray (with edges)
  • bake at 160C fan for 20 minutes, turning half way through, until golden brown
  • sprinkle half with sea salt, half with granulated sugar & cinnamon mix


And if that lot isn’t enough… there’s always a pack of microwave popcorn in the bread bin!

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