Thai Green Curry

We’ve recently got back into green Thai curries. We’d gone off them due to the saturation they achieved in the naughties, when they were more common in pubs than packs of crisps.

While browsing through ATK’s Healthy Family Cookbook I found they had a recipe for Red Thai Curry that was lower calorie plus still looked pretty tasty. Unfortunately while I was checking for the ingredients for it in our cupboards I found we already had one of those cook-in sauces for green thai curry… so as I can’t very waste that, I just used that last night.

So not much to report really. I stir-fried some chicken and veg and added the sauce.



Then cooked some sticky rice in the microwave (you just buy sticky rice from the supermarket and nuke with some water, nothing complicated to it) and served.

CameraZOOM-20130719192450269It was OK. Spice heat was OK as I’d added extra spice, but there was still some depth of flavour lacking. So next time I’ll try the ATK version and see if that’s better.


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