Mum’s First Rye Bread

So mum has tried her first rye bread. She decided to go for the sweet potato version, whit some extra herbs from her garden added for extra flavour.

Out of the oven it has my trademark crack on the side :-) But mum thought it looked a bit flat.

DSC00761Cutting into it, there was some stodginess :-(

DSC00762My theory is that there wasn’t enough time proving in the tin. For me, in my normal temperature house, 45 mins is plenty. However… my mum’s house is a cave. In the heat of summer it sometimes gets into double digits… so maybe it needs more time rising? I suggested next time mum makes it she proves in the tin for at least an hour, maybe longer, especially as the original recipe says prove for up to two hours.

2 thoughts on “Mum’s First Rye Bread

  1. This was my first attempt at rye sourdough bread and without Russell here to advise me, it was not a huge success although it’s not too bad toasted. Next time I shall let the bread prove until it doubles in size – that might take several days in my cold house.


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