Even More Sweet Potato Rye

As you can tell, I’m still really enjoying the sweet potato rye bread. As we’ve got some excess onions this week I decided to chop one of those up and add to the ginger.

IMG_20130707_084842I also added salt & pepper to the sweet potato mash.

IMG_20130707_084838I didn’t add cinnamon this time, and also didn’t add any ‘fun stuff’. For flour I used up some strong white flour then opened a new ‘granary wholemeal’ bag and added some of that. Finally I topped with some Chia seeds I picked up at mum’s last week (where they were affordable, unlike in Holland and Barrett…)

IMG_20130707_100332Out of the oven and it has my trademark crack on one side :)

IMG_20130707_111125The onion wasn’t as finely chopped as I thought! Plus it seems to have sunk… but it’s a lovely savoury taste, and I’m sure it’ll be great for my mackerel on toast in the mornings this week!



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