Bakewell Shortcake

Borough Market still has boxes of cherries going for £6 so I brought a box down to my mum’s. After buying a cherry pitting gadget from Kitchens we decided to do a Bakewell shortcake with the cherries and almonds.

It started with the basic school shortcake, with a few desert spoons of ground almonds mixed in. Then about half of the mixture going into a lined square tin.

IMG_20130629_165600Then we cooked down the pitted and chopped cherries with a couple of tablespoons of sugar.

IMG_20130629_170555Then some sieving to remove most of the juice, which we saved to pour over the final dessert.

IMG_20130629_170657This then got spooned onto the base and spread around. I didn’t think we’d done enough, but after cooking it turned out to be plenty; any more and we’d probably have had fruit oozing out all over the place.

IMG_20130629_170841The rest of the shortcake mix went on top, then some halved cherries and demerara sugar.

IMG_20130629_171209This went into a 160c fan oven for 30 minutes… after which it hadn’t gained any colour, so we put it in for another 10 minutes, and it came out much better.

IMG_20130629_175944We then sliced it up while still hot, and served with vanilla ice-cream and the cherry juice.


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