How does your garden grow?

I got very bored of mowing lawns… and so poisoned and killed them both of them.

Recently I realised that if the gardens produced edible things, I might not hate having to tend them so much!

We’ve already had some strawberries from the back garden.

IMG_20130623_145356It looks like we’ll have tomatoes this year too.

IMG_20130623_145350And we’re hopeful about the chillies.




IMG_20130623_145415And nestersions, which while flowers are apparently edible!

IMG_20130623_145418There’s still lots of space in the back garden… even with the plum and apple trees, but if we continue to like this growing lark we’ll fill it up!

IMG_20130623_145427In the front we have potted mint (they were in the border… but were taking over) plus some purely decorative japanese trees.

IMG_20130623_154047Also in the purely decorative department is a rose bush that’s looking like it’ll flower soon

IMG_20130623_154053Still mostly decorative are the sunflowers, but I hope to have lots of seeds to use on bread!


More mostly decorative is a handing basket with some flowers, but also some coriander hiding at the back.


Then finally we have the herbs, which are all good for bees apparently! Time & rosemary.


Lavender, sage & chives.


And for those bees, a bee home!


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