Rye Sourdough – Without the Faff!

Andrey Whitley, author of Bread Matters, is one annoy preachy type. His basic point about the quality of cheap bread gets lost in his obsession with nonsense like organics.

However… his rye sourdough is genius. None of the daily feeding rituals, no throwing away bags of flour a month to sate your creation. Just leave it in the fridge until you need it, take it out the night before and add warm water and flour, leave overnight, save some for next time, add more flour and water plus salt, then bake. You don’t even need to knead it!

And there you have it: proper smug-inducing, wheat free, gluten free, natural yeast bread. Plus you can add spelt flour in stead of some rye flour, or use ale instead of some water, plop some seeds on top, and make it overly-wanky artisany :P

It’s not your normal sourdough, with a white crumb with huge holes in it. It’s a denser, darker bread. But it toasts great, and is the best bread for smoked mackerel paté we’ve ever found.

I’m sure how you start the mix… Soph got me a starter kit. If you know me, hit me up for some of the mix, then follow the simple recipe: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlzqRgHX4AKHdHRCN1lHV3o1Y1hoLVcta0tBVzZvVEE#gid=0

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