Banana Flapjack

I got bored of the banana cookies, and had bunches of them lying around. I put a few in the freezer for fake banana ice cream(*), but still had loads left over, so I decided to make into flapjacks for work. I can’t remember what recipe I used, I just found one on the web (that was in grams, not cups&sticks&spoons…) and reduced the butter and syrup and added banana.

Choc Banana Flapjack

For a bit of effect I put a slice of banana on top of one end of the bar. Oh… and dipped the other end in some chocolate we had lying around tempting us :)

(*) freeze old bananas, then blitz in a food processor, and you get a form of ice cream. Not as creamy as gelato… but also a few hundred calories less per spoonful! Having said that… I haven’t actually tried it yet…. the bananas I froze are still there. Plan is to make it for a rhubarb crumble this weekend.

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