Thai Green Curry

While most of the country seems to be getting up at 4am to queue at their local supermarket to panic buy more food than they can possibly store, not caring that vital workers can’t get basics when they can finally get around to shopping… I’m glad to report that our local shops and local people aren’t having any of that nonsense.

So during the week I went for a lunchtime walk to get some fresh air and sunlight, and popped into the local Chinese supermarket as I knew we were low on ramen noodles and Japanese curry cubes, and as always happens I came out with a whole bunch of items I didn’t actually need, but inspired me while I was browsing.

One of those items was Thai green curry paste, the basis of the ever popular pub food Thai Green Chicken Curry. However in my ongoing project of eating less meat, I decided to go veggy: it’s all about the green curry flavour anyway!

So I popped into a couple of other shops and picked up some green beans, squash and aubergine. That should be enough, plus I’m sure there’s some stuff at home I can add if it needs bulking up.

So basically cook veg, add paste.


And serve with rice!


OK… so paste was hotter than expected. Like proper hot!

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