Fish & Chips

Yesterday I popped down to Catford to pick up some fresh mackerel for tonight’s Japanese dinner. Not having anything planned for Friday night’s dinner, I decided to pick up some sea bass while I was there and do fish & chips for dinner.


Due to a mix up when I was ordering the fish, they didn’t gut and clean the fish for me, so I had to do that myself at home!

img_20200306_175620Once filleted I coated in Lo Dough’s Low-Cal Southern Coating.


When I say chips… I actually mean using up whatever potato products are jamming up our freezer, which today meant hash brown bites.

img_20200306_182525And to complete the dish, mushy peas! With some added pigeon peas and coriander mixed in.

img_20200306_174317Having used low-cal coating for the fish, I then went and shallow fried them, ruining any calorie reduction!


And there we go, with a bit of tartar sauce on the side – not the most traditional fish & chips, but it was locally sourced and used up some freezer stuff – and tasted great!


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