Dhal Makhani

Another good find in BBC Good Food’s Feb edition is this dhal. Normally dhal is something I’d order as a side at a restaurant, but today it’s the main course with homemade sourdough flatbreads to dip into it.

Somehow Ocado doesn’t sell black lentils. Maybe when they switch to M&S later in the year they will ;)

Now I’m sure the various local supermarkets will have various dhal pulses, but it seems weekends at the moment are for not leaving the house due to various storms, so I just Amazoned (yep, I verbed it) a pack.

And it needs soaking overnight, with bicarb. So before:


And after:


While that was soaking this morning, I popped to our local Budgen’s, specifically Jay’s Budgens, to pick up some of his homemade samosas to go with our dinner. Here’s a picture of them:


Yeah… we ate them as soon as I got home. They are so good.

Anyway, on with cooking… browning butter:


Boil up the dhal and add cream & more butter.


Boil down for a while:


And hey hey it’s food time!


Yes the bread tastes as good as it looks! And the dhal it great too.

Well done me!

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