Spicy Not Pork Donburi

Donburi appears to be Japanese for “stuff on top of rice”, so Spicy Pork Donburi should be dead simple to whip up in under half an hour for dinner.

I was chatting online and has mentioned that there was some leftover veg curry I could reheat, but I fancied something with meat in it. So I headed to the kitchen and started chopping up the veg and got the sticky rice going for this donburi.

Then I completely forgot the pork!

I did, however, remember to use the Korean chilli sauce I’d bought for the dish, and remember to finish with a garnish of nori (seaweed) sprinkles I’d picked up from Japan Centre near work.

Apart from the lack of pork is was very good In fact without the pork it probably makes a healthy midweek meal that’s quick to cook after work.

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