Bank Holiday Danish

The first batch of rhubarb is ready! We didn’t want to gut it for a crumble, so it’s Danish time. Plus we have strawberries in the fridge going off, so add balsamic vinegar to strawberries, and sugar and a little salt to rhubarb, and we have a plan!


Puff pastry was made yesterday – it’s so nice to make ahead an none of that crumbly nonsense you get trying to make shortcrust for a pie.IMG_20160529_122524

So today it’s just rolling out, and applying an egg wash.


Add the fruit.


Roll up into kinda Danish shapes.


Bake at… 180C-ish fan for… I dunno 20 minutes? I just did it by eye!


And yeah – Danish all day! Mmm…

One thought on “Bank Holiday Danish

  1. Lots of cookery experience went into the making of those Danish pastries. I’d never heard of putting balsamic vinegar with strawberries or salt with rhubarb. Your results certainly looked most professional. Well done.


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