Lemon & Marzipan Hot Cross Buns

So this weekend is when Christians celebrate their god being inconvenienced for a couple of days to save them from the eternal damnation that their god created in the first place. Or something…

Whatever: we’ll jump on anyone’s celebration if there’s food involved! Especially when it’s lemon and marzipan hot cross buns, with homemade lemon curd and goat’s butter!

OF course I’m using my sourdough started for this. After refreshing it, flours, dried fruit, candied peel, cinnamon, sugar and salt all get mixed.


This gets mixed with milk, melted butter and an egg to form a dough.


In goes the refreshed started, and it gets kneaded in the mixer.


Then it’s into the proofing machine for a few hours, with regular stretching and folding.


Then they get formed into… ‘roughly equal’ buns and go in the fridge to slow-proof over night.


In the morning as the oven heats to 200C fan the buns come out of the fridge and get an egg wash followed by the flour & water paste crosses.


After 20 minutes in the oven… they looked a anemic, and still did after an extra five minutes, but the temperature was correct, so they came out and got a lemon curd glaze.


After a little cooling time we can eat them with salted butter and extra lemon curd!


Mmm fattening.

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