Garden Berry Cheesecake

Our garden’s blackberries and raspberries are producing nicely at the moment, but we’re not yet in “OMG what am I going to do with all these” mode yet.

So in the calm before the storm, I’m going to do a cheesecake, something I’ve not done before. Thankfully good old BBC Good Food has a good ginger and citrus summer berry cheesecake recipe.

It starts with a gingernut base.


Then mascarpone, whipped double cream, sugar, lemon juice & zest, plus gelatine make the cheesecake topping.


Finally it gets topped with blackberries and raspberries from the garden.


Then it goes into the fridge for an ungodly amount of time before it’s ready to eat…

So the big question… will it cut properly?


Woohoo! Yes it cuts really well. Despite following the recipe the base is properly deep (this is generally not the case). Plus it’s nice and solid and stays together when cutting. This base will be use in future biscuit base recipes!

The topping on the other hand is surprisingly light and creamy, given all that gelatine that went in. It holds together just enough to be cut and support the berries – perfect!

On and yeah… delicious. What did you expect from rich cheese, ginger biscuits, sugar, cream and fresh fruit!?


2 thoughts on “Garden Berry Cheesecake

  1. I read the BBC recipe for this cheesecake and noticed that it included lemon curd. I thought you’d use Sophie’s home-made lemon curd but I didn’t see any mention of lemon curd in your write-up. It looked great anyway.


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