Moroccan Fish Friday

Soph’s been away on a work trip this week, which means free meals. BUt no control over those meals…

So tonight’s dinner wants to be a real health star… while still being tasy and filling enough for a Friday night.

So I’m going to pair the protein and fats from fish, with the micro-nutrients and carbs from sweet potatoes with this fish and sweet potato mash recipe from BBC Good Food.

Mise en place  gives me sweet potato chunks ready to microwave, with a bowl of lemon zest, ginger, garlic and seasoning. Plus a bowl a butter, coriander leaves, garlic, chilli and harissa for the fish.


The fish gets covered with the spicy, buttery sauce before cooking in the oven


After some annoying timing issues, things are cooked and served up.


Given this was supposed to be an ultra-healthy dinner… it tasted so good! In fact: ignore the healthy part – this is just great. Slightly spicy and warm, with a rich ginger background, and a filling protein from the fish – this is a proper tasty and filling meal!

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