Tennessee Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled pork – can’t go wrong with that. Add a spicy BBQ sauce, sounds even better. Then make into a sandwich? Not bad… but would be better if it was a pancake sandwich, with pickles! And this is how we get to Tennessee pulled pork sandwiches.

Unsurprisingly the recipe comes from my BBQ experts at Cook’s Country, as does the corn pancake recipe, or ‘hoecakes’ as they’re apparently called.

For the hoecakes I’m adapting the recipe slightly by adding some rye sourdough starter because… because… well just because I was refreshing it and wanted to use some of it rather than just discard all the excess.

As expected for a US pancake recipe the dry and wet get mixed separately.


These get mixed into a batter.


Then fried up in a little oil.


I’ll reheat these in the oven just before we need them.

The pulled pork starts on the BBQ, getting smoked for two hours.


Then it’s into a low oven for three hours. It was cooked, but not as fally-aparty as you’d expect for pulled pork, however that’s OK as this Tennessee style pulled pork uses the food mixer to really shred up the pork into an almost mushy consistency.


The meal is assembled from the hoecakes, topped with the pork, then a BBQ sauce, then pickles.


We gave up on trying to eat as a sandwich, so we didn’t worry about not having enough hoecakes for proper sandwiching!

Pulled pork is of course delicious, and it works really well with the hoecakes. We’ll certainly do this again: especially as we’ve got the leftover pulled pork and BBQ sauce in the freezer!

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