Breakfast Pizza

Checking over the fridge during the week I realised we had the ingredients for a pizza that needed using up: mozzarella, parma ham, pineapple slices, etc. So as Soph has a 15 mile training run for the London Marathon today, I figured breakfast pizza was called for!

The pizza base is one again made with beer yeast. It wasn’t nearly as lively after being frozen, but that’s OK: it’s only pizza.

I’ll be doing thin bases again, after last time’s success, so that means I’ve got two bases I can vac-seal and throw in the freezer for emergency pizza in the future.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI was planning to do figs as a topping, but Tesco failed to deliver them, on top of being 45 minutes late in delivering… I’ll be glad when our ‘saver’ delivery contract with them is up and we can switch to a more reliable supermarket.

So that left me with one pizza of parma ham, pineapple & mozzarella balls.


And one of parma ham, anchovies & mozzarella.


Both are on a base of spicy nacho relish and tomato paste and grated mozzarella, and get served up on in a pile for us to nom on.



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