Beer Braised Brats

Every state seems to have its take on hot dogs, and Wisconsin’s is beer braised brats. After sausages are grilled they get braised in beer before eating.

For the buns I’m going to make sourdough baguettes, with seeds in the mix for extra texture and flavour, which we can cut in half to become rustic hot dog buns. I’ll be using the baguette dome again, but this time I’m going to pre-heat the dome. Hopefully this will reduce the cooking time (25 minutes covered rather than 35 from cold, with the same 5 minutes to form a crust), and give me a better oven spring. Not proofing in the done also makes things easier as I can proof overnight in the fridge just using a baguette couche.


Nice! I’m definitely sticking to pre-heating the dome.

We’re going to oven cook the sausages to avoid all the hassle of trying to convince sausages to gradually turn and face either a frying pan or grill (broiler). Although we will grill (broil) after baking to get some colour.

We’ll then beer braise, with lots of extra onions which will be used to top them later.


Time to serve: put in buns, add onions, nom!


Hehe – these are great! Chewy bread around beery sausages and onions, how could this be anything other than great!

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