NYE Pizza Night

Rather than run the gambit trying to order delivery pizza, which would be a nightmare on NYE, we’re going to make what we’d normally order at home, and try and use up the excess xmas food while we’re at it.

Leftover Pizzas

I didn’t think 500g of dough would be enough for two pizzas, so I made a 750g+ dough… which looks like enough for three pizzas… oh well! Two pizzas will be enough with everything else.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Topped with tomato purée, then whatever cheese and toppings are lying around the fridge, which turned out to be:

Pizza 1: Hawaiian

  • Cranberry Wensleydale
  • Pineapple
  • Bacon

Can’t go wrong with Hawaiian pizza, especially with added bacon!


Pizza 2: Spicy Smoky

  • Scotch bonnet cheddar
  • Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Black pudding (which is strangely cinnamony… but it’s xmas, so it’s OK!)
  • Jerk Chicken

Can’t go wrong with spices, sausages and onion, especially with added bacon!


Spicy Ribs

Ribs… but without using the BBQ or slow cooker. We don’t want dry oven-cooked ribs, so it’s off to Cook’s Illustrated for how to do smoky indoor ribs. I was expecting a long low oven cook, with some liquid smoke. While the liquid smoke was right they actually get braised, using coffee!


Chilli Bacon Poppers

Green chillies, halved, scooped out, filled with cream cheese, topped with onion bits, wrapped in bacon (duh!), baked.


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