Thai Green Curry – from scratch this time!

We’ve got a pack of sticky rice coming up to its best before date, which sounds like a great excuse for a Thai green curry!

Last time I did Thai green curry I used a pre-made sauce. This time I’ll be making my own, based on this BBC Good Food recipe.

Stuff in food processor…


Stuff after food processor…


That was so easy. No need to buy this stuff. Well… assuming it tastes good!

Then it’s your basic stir fry, stir in the paste… microwave sticky rice, throw away failed sticky rice, try again, remember what we said last time about not bothering with sticky rice, add coconut milk to stir fry, finally sticky rice seems to have worked…

We’ve also got some excess vegetables that need using up, which sounds nice an healthy, but we’ve also got excess frying fat that didn’t get used for the salt fish fritters and festival on my birthday, so sourdough tempura veg it is!


So… sticky rice… wasn’t that sticky. To paraphrase what was said above: sod that for a game of soldiers, let’s just do normal rice next time.

The green curry: tasted like a green curry. A really good one. Correct flavour, correct spice, correct texture… RESULT!

And the tempura was once again totally amaze balls. It had to sit around for about 15 minutes before we ate it, but it was still dry and crispy. I’m tempted to go patent this sourdough tempura I’ve made :)

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