Halloween Cookies: Choc Chip Redux

After making Halloween cookies yesterday, my plan was to use up the excess pumpkin making these pumpkin cheesecake muffins. However I’ve decided what I really want to do is try and make those choc chip pumpkin cookies more choc chip cooki-ish. Also carrying muffins on the train to Bristol will be a real pain compare to a box of biscuits.

They were very nice, but very soft, and the pumpkin spice overpowered any chocolate taste. So I’m dropping the spice to a single teaspoon of mixed spice, adding an egg for structure, dropping the dark brown sugar and going all golden caster sugar, and adding some extra flour to compensate for adding an egg. I’ll also let them warn a bit after scooping out so they spread more in the oven.


Well they look the part, mainly due to the lighter colour without the dark sugar. Now we wait for them to cool before we test them…

Well they’re better, but still not like a real choc chip cookie…




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