Halloween Cookies

Shortly after Halloween last year someone posted these amazing witch’s finger cookies cookies on Reddit.

Trawling through the instructions I found the full recipe and instructions, so of course this year I’ll be making them for Halloween and hopefully scaring the bejesus out of visiting trick-or-treaters :)

I did find a similar recipe that suggests dipping the ends in red jam, which looks great, but I’m not sure is good for getting thrown in a goody bag with other sweets.

Then I found another one where the fingers bleed when you bite into them! However they look like the leak jam all the time, not just when you bite into them… However I did use the shortbread recipe for my biscuits.

Then Soph mentioned bloody nut allergies. Apparently some parents of children with almond allergies might not recognise a flaked almond and sue us… Insert rant about kids these days / what has the world come to… Then it struck: use pumpkin seeds!


Boo! They spread :( I guess the shortbread recipe wasn’t the right one for these ones.


Interjection: when Soph came home, she said “just call them monster fingers” – genius! I knew I married her for a reason :)

Before Soph came home, I decided: why not try the jam filled ones!


Less spread on these guys… but still monster fingers :)


And while I”m at it, why not some choc chip pumpkin cookies?


I intend to use up the leftover pumpkin purée doing these Pumpkin cheesecake muffins tomorrow.

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