Guinness Sourdough

We need something to put our raspberry jam on. I’m already baking a regular sourdough loaf for Soph’s birthday meal, so I’m going to do a Guinness one as well. All I’m doing is swapping out the water in the production sourdough for Guinness.

I’m also going to form it into an oblong shape, rather than round, just in case the dough doesn’t look much different to the regular loaf!

While autolyzing the colour was distinctly different, but the the time the production sourdough was made there’s not much in it. Guess which is which…


The Guinness is on the right (there’s a G label on the bowl if you click to zoom in and look closely).

Then after stretching and folding, it’s shaping time


Note my terrible photo skills: the Guinness loaf is the one at the back…

Anyway cover in couche, and into the fridge to proof overnight.

In the morning they take turns at getting brought to room temperature for an hour before scoring and baking.




The Guinness loaf got the correct 30 minutes covered at maximum 230C fan, then uncovered for 15 minutes at 200C fan, and came out looking amazing!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESUnfortunately with the regular loaf I forgot to turn down to 200C fan when the lid came off, and it’s got a little bit burnt on the tops of the ears. I guess those will be my slices!



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