Testing the Flexi-Beater: Apple & Fig Cake

Thanks to my mum I now have a new-fangled Kenwood ‘flexi-beater’ — an attachment for my Kenwood mixer that has flexible ‘wings’ that claims you won’t need to scrape down during creaming sugar & butter.

This is clearly a fantastic excuse to bake a cake to test it out :)

Given the excess apples our garden is still producing I thought an apple cake would be a good test. Problem is, all the recipes I found were melted butter recipes, or all-in-one recipes. It was only when I remembered we have a packed of dried figs lying around and Googled for ‘apple fig cake recipe’ did I find a recipe from Good Housekeeping that wanted creaming of butter and sugar, so that’s what I’m making. Nearly: due to rushing I forgot to add vanilla & cinnamon… so we’ll just have to hope the apple & fig flavours cary the day!

The beater was fantastic: I let it run without any scraping down, and only a tiny amount got missed — very happy with it.


I did manage to remember the almonds on top.


Looks good… just the annoying cooling to wait for now…



And mmm cake! I don’t think it misses the vanilla, but a bit of cinnamon might have been good.


One thought on “Testing the Flexi-Beater: Apple & Fig Cake

  1. Those flexi-beaters are a useful addition to your Kenwood mixer. The fig & apple cake looks tempting so I thought I’d print the recipe for future use but “highlight, cut & paste” won’t work. I’ll just use my usual Victoria sponge recipe and add 14ozs chopped apples and some figs.


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