Breakfast Apple & Blueberry Rye Sourdough Cobbler


Our garden has been producing lots and lots of apples. Unfortunately not many of them are of eating quality, but if you peel and chop them up (and discard the bad bits) they’re fine for stewing: which is what we spent a lot of last weekend doing. So now we’ve got multiple batches frozen, some with strawberries or blueberries mixed in that we had lying around the in fridge threatening to go off.

This weekend there are yet more apples… We’ve also got blueberries left over from breakfast waffles so they’re getting mixed in too.

As I was looking around for something other than plain old crumble, I came across a recipe for rye sourdough cobbler – which is right up my street, so that’s what we’re having. I also noted that this was a breakfast cobbler — who am I to argue? So it’s cobbler for breakfast :)

I refreshed my rye starter, then made the biscuit matter, and chilled overnight. In he morning scooped out balls of batter and flattened them to make the cobbler. They seemed very dense, which I guess is the way with rye flour… I just hope they aren’t rocks when they come out!


The recipe doesn’t specify an oven temperature, just ‘bake for 50 minutes’. I’m going to assume it’s bake at 350, so that’s 160C fan for us. I’ll give it half an hour to start with and see how it goes.

I ended up giving it 45 minutes in the end, when the tops of the cobblers seemed nice and crispy.


I needn’t have worries about the dense batter, they cooked up lovely and light. The bottoms had just a little bit of gooeyness from the fruit, and the tops were lovely and crispy: perfect!



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