Polish Apple Cake

After a nice roast dinner at a local pub we decided we’d only need a light dinner of Dakos. And then we decided as we were only having a light dinner we could stretch to a pudding.

Without a plan we scouted out what we’ve got lying around in the kitchen, and while there are lots of lovely dried fruits and nuts, they’re not going to go off like the apples might, so I searched my spreadsheet of things to try baking and found this Polish apple cake which we originally saw in BBC Good Food magazine.

The recipe reminds me of the layered shortcake my mum got the recipe from my primary school, but with added eggs to make it more cakey. Like that recipe, it’s a nice quick food processor recipe, then simple layer and tray bake. I do like the twist of grating the dough for the top to give a nice texture.

I did deviate from the recipe a bit. With the flour it turns out I only had about 100g of plain, so I added another 300g of wholemeal I had, plus 50g of barley flour, which you could argue is to reduce gluten buildup, but really was what I had lying around! With the fats I used up some vegetable shortening I had lying around for half the weight. Finally with the apple juices I reduced them down rather then using half of them.


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