Curry Goat

Nothing much new here. We’re doing the same slow curry goat as we’ve done before, but with the proper rice & peas again. Oh and this time I’ll use lamb stock rather than beef.

Instead of doing roti bread again, I’m going to fry up some ripe plantain slices. Basically cut them into 2cm slices on the bias, fry once to soften, then press them down thin, which helps reduce moisture and gives a larger area to brown on the second fry.

Cooking starts in the morning, making paste of onion, garlic, ginger and scotch bonnet (habenero) chillies in the food processor and frying it off.


After it’s nicely softened the curry powder, salt & curry leaves go in, then the goat to brown off (trying not to knock it all off the bone).


Then lamb stock and chopped tomatoes go in, and it gets transferred to the slow cooker and topped with thyme bundles and another scotch bonnet chilli.


It then goes on low to cook. It needs at least seven hours to cook. I’ve set the timer for eight, and once it goes down to warm we’ll start the rice & peas and fried plantain.


It was, of course, delicious. Despite all the curry powder and chilli it’s only medium hot, well by our standards, but the scotch bonnet flavour is deep and delicious. The fried plantain works so well with it, and next time I think I’ll do two of them!



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